Shenzhen Heavy Environmental Illegal Enterprises Metal Prodcuts Company Wa Fined 12.39.million Yuan

- Nov 14, 2017-

Because of the excess emissions of pollutants in wastewater and dark tube discharge of pollutants, shenzhen wynn xin metal products co., LTD was fined 12.39 million yuan by shenzhen residential environment committee, become the shenzhen first environmental fines of $ten million.The business license that has been revoked is an overhaul.
According to living environment committee communique of shenzhen, shenzhen in the third quarter of 88 illegal enterprises to implement green seal up, distrain, about 15 environmental illegal enterprise shall be ordered to limit production or production control, the transfer of 22 administrative detention cases transferred to suspected of criminal cases, 13 cases of environmental pollution, revocation of emission permits 1 cases.Environment of the city's fined 1 million yuan and over by the illegal cases in 7 cases, among them, shenzhen wynn xin metal products because of excess emissions of pollutants in wastewater and dark tube discharge of pollutants, failed to timely rectification, after being checked by 47 and 22 days, according to the daily penalty amounted to 12.39 million yuan.
Farming mei yi meat industry co., LTD. In addition, shenzhen is not in accordance with regulations of the emission permits, was fined 3.92 million yuan the discharge of pollutants;Shenzhen hong jubilee communication technology co., LTD., shenzhen heng Yun da industrial co., LTD., shenzhen his wisdom diamond tools co., LTD., shenzhen up source wood products co., LTD., sheng dragon hardware (shenzhen) co., LTD. For without the environmental impact assessment on illegal construction and production, was fined 1 million yuan respectively.
At present, the shenzhen residential environment committee is green credit field joint punishment, to "blacklist" control of polluting enterprises, long-term pollution discharge and no corrective actions such as enterprise will be blacklisted, or credit influence on enterprises.