Principle Of Screw Design

- May 04, 2017-

The main part of the pin screw is the ordinary screw, the pin can be set in the melting section of the screw or the measurement segment of the Lou or the end of the smooth cylindrical surface without screw groove. The pin is arranged in a certain manner, and can vary in size and quantity. A cylindrical pin is formed by assembling a pin into a hole of a screw; a square or rhombus pin is formed directly on a screw.

If these pins are set in the melting zone, the pin can break the solid bed, destroy the two-phase flow, stir the solid, liquid phase together, so that the final dissolved solids fragment and the volume of the material contact area increased, promote melting. If the pin is set in the melt conveying area, then its main function is to divide the material flow, increase the interface, change the direction of the material flow, so that the flow beam rearranged. Multiple shunt, convergence, change the direction of flow, so that the melt components and temperature homogenization.

Mixing segments are arranged in the inner slotted structure of the end of the normal screw, and the diameter is equal to the outside diameter of the screw. The groove is divided into groups, and each group is the confluence area of the material. The material is divided by trench, to Converge area meeting, then divide, converge, its principle is the pin type similar.

The separation screw is characterized by a screw thread (called an additional thread) in addition to the original one of the fused segments (called the main screw). The diameter of the main thread is slightly smaller than the outside diameter, the main line of the guide, the auxiliary thread starting from the end of the feeding section (and in this connection with the feeding section), after several threads, gradually and the homogenization of the main thread of the intersection.

The screw Groove depth and threaded guide from the feeding section to the end of the beginning to the homogenization is gradual change, the thread guide is lenient gradually narrowed, the spiral groove depth from the depth gradually become lighter, can make the material to get the maximum compression.